YKI-treeni online: 6 viikkoa, 18 oppituntia ti, ke ja to 17.30 - 18.30 | 190 euroa
YKI online: 6 weeks, 18 evening classes 17.30 - 18.30. Prize 190 euros
ykitreeni online self study itseopiskelu

YKI-treeni Online, Itseopiskelu Self study. Ykäänkö vai ykiinkö.

Study independently whole six weeks online course.
Simulation method in speaking: you will get a realistic experiment of YKI situation
The main focus is on productive skills: speaking and writing
Extra support for writing by extra fee.
The course gives you confidence to give your best in Finnish language at YKI. You’ll already know what kind of assignments there are and know what to do.
Study book: Ykäänkö vai ykiinkö. (Not included in a course prize.)

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